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Since the 1920s and the rise of the ‘idol of consumption,’ we’ve looked to stars and celebrities as aspirational consumptive models. They show what leisure looks like; what consuming often and well looks like; what American capitalism taken to its extension looks like. They’re what make us keep working so as to keep spending. It’s a weirdly cyclical process: we consume (their CDs, their clothing lines) so that they may consume more and, in turn, inspire us to consume more. Late-stage capitalism makes my head explode.

Decoding the Beyonce Tumblr | Anne Helen Petersen
A really interesting and thought provoking look at what exactly Beyoncé’s recent tumblr unveiling means from a PR perspective, and how she’s winning the game of being famous.

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Ok, I love all of you Tumblbees, and I know I’m going to get shit for this, but I just have to say it… I don’t know what to do with posts that are just a picture of a movie or TV show with the caption, “Currently.” So… you’re watching something? Cool. Oh, and maybe I’ve seen it? All right. Do you have anything to say about it so far? Or would you have more to say about it afterward? Otherwise, you’re pretty much just blogging about a passive activity. Or! I could invent a social networking site based on the word “Currently” (kurrntly?) in which it’s just a picture of what you are consuming at the moment (book, muffin, penis, etc.). Or maybe I could call it Twitter?

Jack on “Currently.”